• Development Proposal

    Project Description: A cluster/conservation development consisting of approximately 40% developed area, 30% wash/greenway, and 30% community facilities and common space. The project proposes to retain the existing wash and utilize the southern portion of the site for community facilities including a common/shared septic system. The north portion of the site along Lincoln Drive is proposed to be developed as per the current R4 Manufactured Home Residential Zoning.

    The zoning bylaw defines “Cluster Development: A development design technique that concentrates buildings on a portion of the site to allow the remaining land to be used for recreation, open space or preservation of sensitive land areas." (Click Here)

    Download the public notice and meeting schedule (Click Here) and the Graphic (here).

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  • Will I be able to address the Design Review Board?

    If you wish to speak, you must send your full name, and the street where you live to community.development@clarkdale.az.gov in advance of the meeting. Deadline for requests to speak is NOON on Sept 16. Speakers will be called upon and limited to exactly three (3) minutes. The Design Review Board can only consider comments related to design of the project. They have no authority in zoning matters.


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  • Approval Process

    Four Steps: Online Engagement, Site Walk, Design Review Meeting, Final Plan


    Online Engagement

    July 30 - August 4

    An online public engagement tool to collect input on the

    Draft Plan. A link to the staff report will also be provided.


    Site Walk

    Aug. 3, 6:30 pm

    A planned 1 hour neighborhood meeting/site visit at the subject property 361 Lincoln Dr.

    (Please bring your Masks and practice social distancing.)


    Design Review Meeting

    Special Meeting of the DRB Time: Sep 16, 2020 06:30 PM Arizona Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87689458827 To join by telephone, dial 1 669 900 9128. When prompted, enter the Meeting ID: 876 8945 8827



    Final Plan

    An update of the plan based on feedback from the neighborhood and The Design Review Board.

  • Who will Live Here?



    The National Association of Homebuilders conducted a recent survey and 53% of the respondents indicated that they may consider downsizing in the future. This was representative across Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Seniors.



  • Thanks to the 31 People who Completed Our Survey

    Your feedback has helped to shape the plan, rules and guidelines

  • Lincoln Drive Streetscape Concept

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    A layered approach to screening and buffering.

  • Site Plan

    Draft plan July 20, 2020

    The project is proposed to be developed in 4 phases. With screening/landscaping for each phase being completed prior to occupancy. *Dark sky compliant lighting throughout.

    Download July 20 Draft Plan.


    Restricted RV types include: Converted Garage structures, Converted Barn Kits, Converted Shed Kits, Schoolies, Toy Haulers, Truck Campers, Hybrid travel Trailers, Pop-up Trailers.

    The project respects the Dark Sky by utilizing up to 96 solar-powered path lights for lighting with 9 post mounted industrial style galvanized downlights at key community gathering points for added safety.


  • Thanks for the Help to Improve the Project

    Community and expert feedback has helped the shape the plan.

    Streetscape strategies, neighborhood amenities, landscaping, screening/buffering, and lighting have been improved based on public input.

    We have drafted community guidelines to help preserve and protect the neighborhood character and minimize impacts. They include: Animals & Pets, Garbage and Refuse Disposal, Protective Screening, Parking, and Storage.

  • Greenway/Wash Enhancement

    Riparian Enhancement & Biodiversity

    3 Steps over 6-10 years.

    Existing Wash Area

    Low Biological Diversity

    Water Retention: None

    Water Harvesting: None



    Start Restoration

    Medium Biological Diversity

    Establish some native plantings in clusters to create enhanced habitat and seed sources. Soil amendments necessary.

    Mature Restoration

    High Biological Diversity

    Trail, BMP and SWM enhancements, Water retention strategies.

  • Fitting into the neighborhood

    The project is being designed based on 6 strategies to best fit the Mingus Shadows Neighborhood.

    To ensure compatibility with the neighborhood.

    6 strategies

    1. Full staff review of the project
    2. Site Plan approval by the Design Review Board - Landscape, Streetscape, Lighting, Screening & Buffering etc.
    3. Our own design and community guidelines
    4. Design guidelines requiring coordinated outdoor furniture, storage areas, shade structures, and dark sky consistent lighting
    5. Community guidelines for pets, noise, lighting etc.
    6. A part-time onsite Caretaker who will be available to better help manage the project
  • Background Documents/Information

    The proposed project is consistent with the General Plan Policies, the provisions of the Current Zoning (R4), the Sustainable Development Guidelines, and Approved Native Plant List.

    The project application for a Mobile Tiny Home/ RV Development is a permitted use in the R4 Manufactured Home Residential zoning and is not under consideration. The site plan, landscape plan, and lighting plans are being considered by the Design Review Board at the August 5th meeting. (Click on the Links Below).

    Instilling a Culture of Sustainability, 2012

    The Clarkdale Zoning Code is current through Ordinance #403, passed February 25, 2020, and Resolution #1621, passed February 25, 2020.

    Adopted by Clarkdale Town Council October 9, 2018

    Adaptive/native trees and shrubs, native cacti and succulents for the Clarkdale area.

    Summary of input, comments and survey responses, the Survey had 31 responses and was available online for more than 2 months. More than 40 modifications were made to the plan, guidelines and restrictions based on community feedback.

    Case studies on the impact of property values on 12 adjacent homes to 3 built tiny house projects.


    New Plant List for Greenway Restoration

    Working with the Friends of the Verde River we are developing strategies for greenway restoration including a pollinator garden. Coming Soon!

    Our team analyzed the functional classification of this local street and has calculated the trip generation rates from the proposed project.


    Draft Community Design Guidelines

    Reducing impacts to the existing neighborhood are considered in the development of design guidelines and regulations.

    Summary of Response to Public Input

    Modifications were made to the plan and also the guidelines to address some of the most critical concerns raised.

    The following is a summary of answers to those questions. We trust this will help residents understand the Town’s role in this project.

  • Pocket Neighborhoods, Tiny Homes & Missing Middle Housing

    Aug, 2020 Zoom Presentation

  • Design Review Board

    Roles & Responsibilities

    The Design Review Board reviews the exterior design of proposed new buildings, proposed alterations to buildings, excluding single-family residences, and major development or redevelopment projects, to assure that they are compatible with the surrounding environment and to preserve and protect the integrity and character of the Town.

    Engagement Goal


    This online tool is designed to aid in engagement during COVID19, and be a one stop shop for information about the proposed project. The tool is designed to collect comments and focused input for the applicant to help improve the project including the draft guiding principles. The survey will help provide input to the Design Review Board and the applicant on landscaping, screening/buffering, and lighting plans.

    Pocket Neighborhoods, Tiny Homes & Missing Middle Housing


    Presentation Topics Include:


    Improving Housing Choice

    • Missing middle housing overview
    • Small Unit Demand
    • Average House Size
    • Tiny Homes are Not RV's and look and feel like a traditional house
    • Tiny Homes improve housing choice and affordability

    Quality Design

    • Tiny Homes on wheels vs stick built
    • Design Guidelines
    • Certifications
    • Tiny Homes as ADU
    • Finding a Builder

    Case Studies

    • TinyHouse Villages impact on property value - survey
    • Arizona and local/regional projects/codes
  • Design Review Board Presentation

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    Subject Property 361 Lincoln Dr, Clarkdale, AZ.

    361 Lincoln Dr., Clarkdale
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