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  • Background Documents/Information

    The proposed project is consistent with the General Plan Policies, the provisions of the Current Zoning (R4), the Sustainable Development Guidelines, and Approved Native Plant List.

    The project application for Tiny House-RV Cluster/Conservation Development is a permitted use in the R4 Manufactured Home Residential zoning and is not under consideration. The site plan, landscape plan, and lighting plans are being considered by the Design Review Board at the August 5th meeting. (Click on the Links Below).

    Instilling a Culture of Sustainability, 2012

    The Clarkdale Zoning Code is current through Ordinance #403, passed February 25, 2020, and Resolution #1621, passed February 25, 2020.

    Adopted by Clarkdale Town Council October 9, 2018

    Adaptive/native trees and shrubs, native cacti and succulents for the Clarkdale area.

  • Greenway/Wash Enhancement

    Riparian Enhancement & Biodiversity

    3 Steps over 6-10 years.

    Existing Wash Area

    Low Biological Diversity

    Water Retention: None

    Water Harvesting: None



    Start Restoration

    Medium Biological Diversity

    Establish some native plantings in clusters to create enhanced habitat and seed sources. Soil amendments necessary.

    Mature Restoration

    High Biological Diversity

    Trail, Best Management Practices (BMP) and Storm Water Management (SWM) enhancements, Water retention strategies.

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